Employee Relations Planning

Different laws apply depending on the number of employees and the particular industry in which you operate. Often, employers adopt policies they find on the Internet or bring from a former employer, which does not comply with their obligations. We assure that you have forms, policies and a handbook that suit your business.

Training  for Employees of Your Business
Employers rely on their management team and other employees to keep the business running smoothly. Ms. Kennedy provides training for employers, members of management and employees regarding a variety of important issues, including:
• Prevention of Sexual Harassment
• Proper Disciplinary Actions or Procedures
• Compliance with Wage & Hour Statues
• General Employment Law Principles

Policies and Procedures

A poorly worded contract or company policy can cause significant problems for your business. Kerry Kennedy will draft and review policies and agreements, including:
• Employee Handbooks & Employment Contracts
• Severance Agreements & Confidentiality Agreements
• Intellectual Property Ownership Agreements
• Forms for absence, vacation, make up time requests. 

Day to Day Counseling

State and federal employment laws are constantly changing. Employment law attorney Kerry Kennedy recognizes that it is difficult for employers to remain current on the laws affecting their business. That is why she is available to counsel you and provide insight regarding how the current laws affect employment matters, such as:
• Administration Of Discipline
• Proper Accommodations for Disabled Employees
• Compliance with Wage & Hour Laws
• Resolving Overtime Disputes
• Compliance with Meals & Rest Break Requirements

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